Save the Date ~ January

January 18th

Understanding Stroke Risk - 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
A free health education event featuring an in-depth discussion on stroke prevention and management, including treatment options and risk factors. Geleris Family Education Center, 427 W. Carroll Ave. Glendora, CA 91741
Contact Info: (888) 456-2847

February 10th

Cosmology, Creation, and Calling - 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Where: Episcopal Cathedral Center, 840 Echo Park Ave. Los Angeles CA. 90026. Parking is free in a garage under the Center.

This is the first of many programs designed to extend the Immaculate Heart Community of Los Angeles into the world through relevant, informed, and innovative education about what is happening to the planet and how each of us can take action.

Workshop participants will be guided through the awe-inspiring journey of the Universe and explore how the theories and stories about its creation have shaped our lives. The journey will continue “onward and inward” to encourage each participant’s sense of intimate connection, creativity, and calling. The workshop will include presentations, guided journaling, and opportunities for discussion.

Participants can expect to:

  • Renew your sense of awe and sacred intimacy
  • Reconnect with your sense of calling
  • Explore ways to share your gifts in service to the world.

Participants are asked to bring something to write on and with, and to bring image or a symbol that represents a deep moment
of sacred intimacy, so aptly described by Thomas Berry: “The sense of the sacred is at the heart of it all. The sense of the sacred is that which evokes wonder, the natural world is that mysterious presence that we refer to as the Divine. We find it as we stop and experience the full depth of the natural world as we look at it, listen to it, feel it in numinous moments in which, through our intuitive awareness, we come into its mystery. We enter nto the hidden realms of the natural world and they enter into us.”

The workshop will be held from 9 am to 2:30 pm at the Episcopal Cathedral Center, 840 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Parking is free in the garage under the Center. Please make reservations in advance by calling (323) 466-2157 or by email: