Messages from our Leadership

IHM President’s Message

How do we live as people of faith in these times when our Earth is in peril and nations continue to stockpile weapons of mass destruction, as all the while children go to bed hungry and thousands of people live homeless on the streets?

These are questions we struggle with on our journey as members of the Immaculate Heart
Community. Currently, besides our ministries profiled elsewhere in these pages, members are engaging in study & action Commissions in the areas of “Immigration & Refugees”, “Environmental Issues”, and “Justice for Women”.

Our call to community is a call to a life of prayer and service, nurtured by our deepening understanding of the lived reality of the love of God and by our mutual support of one another. We know we don’t have solutions to all the world’s needs, but we desire to live with open eyes, hands and hearts, “creating access of all persons to truth, dignity and full human development”
(excerpt from Member Goal Statement). We desire to build bridges, not walls.

As a spiritual community, we have created an ecumenical context where we can speak with one another about our unfolding understanding of the Divine with openness and truth, and
accompany one another on the challenging journey of living out loud our faith.

How do we live and act in these times? With faithfulness, courage, generosity and joy!

~Karol Schulkin, IHM, President

IHM Vice President’s Message

The Immaculate Heart Community membership consists at present of 145 Christian women and men, mostly living in California, but also in Canada,
New York, Florida and Oregon. Many are involved in active ministries to the homeless, refugees and immigrants, spiritual direction, and care for our precious planet.

In my daily interactions with members of our beloved Community, I am always struck by how strong our connections are. Whether some of us are in Canada, or another is having surgery in California, we are intimately connected and support one another in prayer. This caring consciousness of golden heartstrings is our solid connection with one another.

Take Heart, a book about our recent history was just written by Nan Cano, IHM. It is available now from, and also here at the Immaculate Heart office.

Our ecumenical community is an inclusive, welcoming community. We are an active prayer ministry for individuals who contact us and for the needs of the world.

~Victoria Berry, IHM, Vice President